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The Battle for Sanskrit Blog Articles

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Why Sheldon Pollock is a very important Sanskrit scholar to engage Rajiv Malhotra
Insiders versus Outsiders: Who speaks for our heritage? Rajiv Malhotra
Key debates in the battle for Sanskrit Rajiv Malhotra
Where is the Home Team? Rajiv Malhotra
What the Buddhist translation project can teach Rohan Murty and the rest of us Rajiv Malhotra
The Challenge of Understanding Sheldon Pollock Rajiv Malhotra
Interview with Rajiv Malhotra: A point by point response to R. Ganesh Ravi Joshi
The Peculiarity Of The Pollock Challenge Ashay Naik
S. Ganesh’s review of “The Battle for Sanskrit” by Rajiv Malhotra: A poor model of scholarship that misses the point the book makes Ragini Sharma
Why Did Kalavai Venkat Abuse Me? Sejuti Banerjea
Critique of Pollock’s views on shastra Surya Kachivuk
How the Right Should Tackle the Sanskrit Crisis Dr. Nagendra Sethumadhavrao
The Battle For Sanskrit: Media Follies Sejuti Banerjea
What Rohan Murtys TOI Comment Really Says Sejuti Banerjea
Sheldon Pollock and the revival of Sanskrit Santhi Pasumarthi
Analysis of Pollock’s position on shastras Divya J
Rajiv Malhotra Interview with Journalist Rajiv Malhotra
Professor Gopinath answers questions from a journalist of Business Standard Journalist/Professor Gopinath
Let’s Stop Funding Our Enemies Aditi Banerjee
The Shallowness of Pollock’s “Deep Orientalism” Ashay – A Critique of Contemporary Indology
American Progressives also typify others: Olmsted and Pollock Kausik Gangopadhyay
Pollock’s obsession with Sanskrit’s past instead of what it really says PALAK SHAH
Should our texts be called “Classical” and hence assumed dead like Greek/Latin Classics? Megh Kalyanasundaram
Vishal Agarwal Responds to the Wire Article Vishal
Divya J Writes Another Blazing Rebuttal on the Views of Sheldon Pollock Divya J
Purvapaksha of Wendy Doniger edited ‘Purana Perennis’ RMF Members
Response towards petition to Rohan Murty reveals colonised mindset of the Indian elite Akash Ravianandan
Errors and distortions in the MCLI translated Surdas poetry called Sur’s Ocean Prof. Gopinath
Distortions in Sheldon Pollock’s translations From Twitter
The problem with Pollock: Why the Murty Classical Library of India needs a rethink. Makarand R. Paranjape
A Response to Ganesh’s Review of The Battle for Sanskrit Aditi Banerjee
Response to Shatavadhani Ganesh Suresh Vure
Makarand R Paranjape: The deepest Orientalist Makarand R Paranjape

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